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6 guiding urban design principles

Walkability: Pedestrian potential

Mixed-use: a safe, diverse and lively neighborhood.

Connectivity: instead of traffic, a network of possibilities

Density: work, shop, and play close to home

Regeneration: a breath of fresh air for nature on the site

Community: nurturing a sense of belonging

Six closely-linked urban design principles

This new community concept is based on the following six urban design principles. All these principles, each of which represents a distinct concept, reinforce each other. We believe that a holistic, interconnected approach guarantees Petite Rivière will flourish.

Pedestrian potential, mixed use, density, regeneration, community and diversity.

Walkability: a pleasant experience for pedestrians.

A neighborhood where shopping and basic services are within a five-minute walk from most residents’ homes is a neighborhood where everyone benefits. Petite Rivière wants pedestrians to genuinely enjoy walking on pathways, sidewalks and in many other public spaces that are all interconnected. As they pass through carefully planned public spaces, urban landscapes, and quiet natural zones, pedestrians can enjoy a wide range of sights, sounds and activities.

Lyngby, Copenhagen.

Mixed use : a safe, diverse and lively neighborhood.

A neighborhood is “mixed use” when it is planned to provide several overlapping “uses” (such as playgrounds, gardens, fountains, cafes, day care centers, park benches) in the same place or several adjacent places connected by public areas like streets, parks or town squares. This type of neighborhood is usually safer and more secure for its residents because large numbers of people gather and move through it at times when streets in other neighborhoods are deserted. Petite Rivière will be a mixed-use neighborhood that will include places to work, live, shop and eat, as well as places for civic, cultural or recreational activities. Partnerships will be the key.

Hammarby Sjostad, Stockholm, Sweden

Connectivity: instead of traffic, a network of possibilities

Connectivity facilitates pedestrian or vehicular movement in the community by letting people reach a number of destinations from a given point. Instead of single lanes of traffic, Petite Rivière offers a network of possibilities. Whether it be for travelling on foot, by bike, in a car, on the bus or the train, every route will be efficient and convenient.

Density : work, shop, and play close to home

A compact neighborhood enhances the safety and friendliness of public spaces, as well as the varied and stimulating character of the urban experience. Petite Rivière sees density as a desirable design element to be intelligently integrated into the project concept. Density reduces distances, increases the efficiency of the public infrastructure and facilitates the community’s access to services and each other.

Density also provides the possibility of affordable housing for the citizens of Montreal. Thanks to a construction approach that encourages residences of various types, sizes and prices to be built, universally affordable housing is ensured.

Density does not have to mean tall Manhattan-like towers - Petite Rivière’s density will be appropriate to the site.

Hammarby Sjostad, Stockholm, Sweden

Regeneration: a breath of fresh air for nature on the site.

Petite Rivière intends to help with the regeneration of the natural environment on site by enriching the soil, preserving water resources, conserving and strengthening the landscape and increasing ecological diversity. Regeneration will promote urban revitalization and will support ways of life and communities that are sustainable on the economic, environmental and social levels.

Community: nurturing a sense of belonging

Community-building encourages civic-mindedness, pride and a sense of belonging and inspires people to assume responsibility for and stewardship of public spaces. Petite Rivière wants to create a place where public spaces provide people with the opportunity to meet and connect every day. These interactions have been shown to create support networks, improve wellness, and benefit from community action.


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