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A garden city in Montreal

Community agriculture in the city.

Petite Rivière plans to create community gardens on flat land or on building rooftops and develop a “forest garden” of fruit and nut trees – as well as a lush understory of wildflowers and berries - to which residents will have access.

Our community members will be the stewards of a natural system that will bring a host of benefits, from healthy soil and water to carbon sequestration and particulate pollution filtration. The fulfilling experience of living in a community uniquely connected to nature can spill over into other social or economic projects at Petite Rivière and help create a genuine feeling of community pride and well-being.

Our study of other “edible landscaped” neighborhoods leads us to believe that this opportunity could do much to create a healthier and happier community at Petite Rivière. With the possible addition of a farmer’s market, greenhouses, community kitchen and sustainable food restaurants, residents and visitors to our community would be able to enjoy fresher, more nutritious diets throughout the year.



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