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Bringing the Saint-Pierre River back to life

A river can be brought back to life

The Petite Rivière project intends to bring the Little Saint-Pierre River back to life. The polluted water that enters the site from the north will be specially treated with biological systems and reed beds, and through the purification stages these naturalized ponds will create a pleasant and ecologically restorative landscape. These ponds, reminiscent of Central Park, will create ideal new habitat for amphibians, birds and small mammals, in collaboration with the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) (Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks). These species have deserted the stream due to the heavy pollution.

The Petite Rivière project will integrate leading-edge strategies to enrich residents’ quality of life while lowering their water consumption through water-conserving defaults and smarter use of rainwater and wastewater. But we should not stop there – the lessons learned should be shared with the community.

  The Little Saint-Pierre River today

Revitalizing our watershed heritage

Why would a developer bother to rehabilitate a river? This last remaining branch of the historic Little Saint-Pierre is little more than an open sewer carrying polluted storm water from the Côte Saint-Luc-Montreal West culvert to the Westover combined storm drain. And while it’s not the only stream in our watershed to have fallen victim to poorly managed urbanization, it’s of special concern because the entire original river, a tributary of the Saint-Pierre River, played a key role in Montreal’s history. More than two centuries after the city’s creation, it still emptied itself into the Saint-Pierre River which flowed directly into the Saint Lawrence River in Old Montreal until 1842.


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