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Groupe Pacific, a real estate developer determined to do things differently

Behind the Petite Rivière project

Principles that guide our thinking

Who is Groupe Pacific ?

Behind the Petite Rivière project

Aerial photo : Petite Rivière site

For twenty years, the projected development of the site has been igniting passions. For some, it should be preserved forever as a green space. Others feel that opening up this site could result in increased traffic that might disturb the immediate neighbors. Still others ask themselves if residents could live there undisturbed by the rail activity in this sector.

Group Pacific has, since May 2007, rolled up its sleeves to find realistic solutions that take all these questions and divergent points of view into consideration. We have invested in a long-term process of analysis to carefully examine the future of this complex property located at the crossroads of three municipalities and two rail freight yards. Groupe Pacific’s strategic vision is rooted in innovation, in our desire to create developments in a new way, and in so doing positioning ourselves in the market with an important competitive advantage - fully integrated developments. This vision for innovation is a natural fit with the unconventional opportunities offered by this project.

We are also aware that some are concerned about the project. We believe that it is healthy for communities to ask hard questions when real estate developers propose new projects at this scale, be they traditional or innovative. That’s why we are creating a process that is an inclusive one. As our long-term planning process moves along, we are working hard to understand and include the full spectrum of points of view, establish partnerships with the various publics and work together to make Petite Rivière not just a better project, but a world-class one in which every Montrealer can take great pride. Our project and our plan are geared to building, conversation by conversation, a needed climate of confidence between citizens, developers and urban planners.

Principles that guide our thinking

We began our investigation by examining the ecological footprint of real estate developments and what we learned led us to integrate principles of genuine sustainable development deeply into the Petite Rivière project. Our goal is to create a replicable model that shows future projects a better way to plan, build, and operate neighborhoods and an exciting new way of living that balances the ecological, financial and human considerations. To accomplish such an ambitious goal, we felt we had to begin carefully with an in-depth study of five principles and how they could be applied to this project.

We asked ourselves how we could develop this area responsibly and, at the same time:

  • improve the quality of life for its future occupants and those of neighboring areas;
  • minimize our impact on existing natural resources and municipal infrastructure;
  • take best advantage of the site’s positive attributes and limitations;
  • advocate a way of life that is within our economic and ecological means;
  • consider the impact of the development period on neighboring residents and on the future residents of the project.


To answer these questions, we worked with leading professionals who share our concerns, our values and our vision. We also met with a number of players in the real estate and urban planning fields, sharing ideas in a constructive atmosphere and incorporating every comment and new perspective into our thinking. Groupe Pacific knows the Montreal economy well, and more importantly we understand the unique concerns of Montrealers. We are also committed to reversing environmental crises such as climate change, and have come to value the key role played by natural and thoughtfully landscaped green spaces in improving health and quality of life. We are determined to do things differently and responsibly, and we are inspired by the triple bottom line benefits – economic, social, and environmental - that we are convinced will result from responsible development of the site.

Our process has resulted in a collection of rich information to share with the community. And, in trying to answer the questions that have been raised, we have begun a dialogue with the people of Montreal who must, we believe, be key partners in this unique, constructive and inspiring project.

Who is Groupe Pacific ?

Groupe Pacific has been working in the real estate field since 1953 and is proud to be one of the most experienced North American real estate firms in developing unconventional quality projects that enhance the places where residents and users live. Founded by Charles Bedzow , Groupe Pacific is now led by its President, Michael Bedzow. In almost 60 years, the privately-held company has successfully delivered more than $1 billion of projects throughout the United States and Canada.

What makes the company stand out is its ability to rapidly identify opportunities at any stage of the real estate cycle, including those for unconventional projects. With its full-service approach, Groupe Pacific can provide assistance at any stage of the process, from the sale to the marketing program, from construction services to property management.


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