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Our One Planet Action Plan workshop brought design team members and key community stakeholders together to hypothesize deeply ambitious performance targets for social and environmental sustainability, tailored to the unique context of the Petitie Rivière site. The One Planet Action Plan focuses on setting key performance goals and taps into the ingenuity of the design team to develop solutions that are most appropriate to the site within the broader social, economic, and environmental context in Montreal.

In January 2008, BioRegional North America lead a 2-day workshop that engaged our design team members, university professors, local non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders in the co-creation of a plan for each of the Ten One Planet Principles. The creative process drew on local expertise to further identify potential partners, knowledge gaps, site strengths and weaknesses, key strategies, potential milestones, and performance indicators. From amongst the participants, we selected a champion for each of the Ten Principles to take the lead on writing a very detailed sustainability plan. BioRegional then led a collaborative writing process over several months, working with identified champions to refine the outputs from the workshop to create a comprehensive, realistic plan that will meet the rigorous requirements of a One Planet Community.

Our resulting One Planet Action Plan is intended to be the DNA of our project, and will evolve over time to guide all of our work at Petitie Rivière, from specification and requirement documents to the planning of construction and operations – all with a view to meeting our ultimate goal of a 70% reduction in ecological footprint.

When we can demonstrate that we have sufficiently advanced towards putting these initial plans into motion, an updated version of our plan will be reviewed by a panel of BioRegional’s scientists in London, UK, for what we hope will be final approval and endorsement as an official One Planet Community.


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