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A fruitful collaboration with One Planet Communities

Rising to the challenge of One Planet Communities

The Petite Rivière project team contacted BioRegional, an independent, non-profit environmental organization that has helped plan and provide arms-length verification for some of the most sustainable projects in the world for over a decade. Led by Greg Searle, BioRegional North America’s team of experts asked us to consider the ecological footprint of Montrealers: if everyone on Earth consumed resources at Québec rates, we would need 3.3 planets’ worth of resources to support us. BioRegional challenged us to think beyond green buildings and to consider reducing the ecological footprint of Petite Rivière residents by 70%, down to a truly sustainable “One Planet” level. If we could rise to this challenge, Petite Rivière would join select neighborhoods around the world that have been officially endorsed in the One Planet Communities (OPC) network.

One Planet Communities world wide

This ambitious framework has been used by private developers from California to Portugal – but it is not for followers, and executing it will not be easy. BioRegional rigorously assesses a development’s ability to deliver on this statement: “If everyone in the world lived in similar communities, we would be truly sustainable.” Endorsement is a sign of world leadership; for every 3 candidate projects that develop One Planet Action Plans, only 1 will meet the full criteria for endorsement. We are determined to meet this prestigious challenge.

A sustainable and sustained collaboration

The first step we took in working with One Planet Communities was an integrated design process to develop a preliminary “One Planet Action Plan”. Following that, we began a sustained collaboration with BioRegional to continually integrate lessons learned from other leading green projects, and to achieve our ultimate goal of One Planet Communities endorsement.

  OPC Charrette : Sustainability action plan


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