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History of Meadowbrook Golf Club

History of Petite Rivière

1834: Course of the Saint-Pierre River 2010: The little Saint-Pierre River today

Many decades ago, the little brook that now flows through the property was a significantly sized river, the Petit Saint-Pierre, a tributary of the Saint-Pierre River. This river played an important role in the history of the founding of Montreal.

More recently, it has been rail activity that has exercised the strongest historic influence on the site. Because of its convenient proximity to the transcontinental network of railway tracks, the site was the location of a Canadian Pacific golf course for almost a century. Today, trains still run near the southern part of the site and what used to be the CP recreational club have become a public golf course. The commuter rail system (AMT), which in CP days linked the remote regions of the country and still connects many places and towns together, is an important asset to ensure connectivity between the adjacent neighborhoods and Petite Rivière and the downtown core. An efficient development must take advantage of the regional transportation system provided by the railway tracks. At the same time, we must find elegant ways to get around the physical barrier created by those same railway tracks and ensure that movement between the neighborhoods flows better.

The third historical use of the site that we have reintegrated into the Petite Rivière project is agriculture. In the past, tracts of land were demarcated by watercourses; in the case of the Petite Rivière site, it was the Petit Saint-Pierre River. The farms were then divided into parcels fronting on the watercourse and divided by hedge rows. One of the tree hedges that marked the boundary of the farm lands still stands where it stood then. In the Petite Rivière project, this tree hedge will serve to remind the community of our agricultural roots, and our extensive commitment to community agriculture on-site will ensure that the rich farm heritage of the site is further enhanced.

1930: Farm fields 2010: Remnants of the farm field hedge
Start of residential development and first uses of the site as a golf club.

Last, but not least, we are open to unearthing other heritage roots at the Petite Rivière site. Throughout our work, we have been guided by history and, where pertinent, we are willing to dig even deeper into it.


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