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Petite Rivière, synonymous with quality of life

A happy, healthy place to live

Seven broad community values form the basis for the structure of the community, and follow from the six urban design principles integrated into the development plan for the site:

The village square: the heart of the community
The village square will be located on the probable site for the future train station, at the intersection of the extension of Côte-Saint-Luc Road and the southern extremity of the site.
The pedestrian potential
All new housing will be within a five-minute walk from the heart of the development project.
The new development is open and linked to the surrounding municipalities and networks of green spaces.
During Phase 0 of the project, we will begin the preliminary stages to restore the site’s biodiversity, starting with the east and west extremities. In Phase 1, we will begin the preliminary construction stage to develop the eastern part of the site, moving eastwards from the heart. In Phase 2, we will begin work on the western part of the site.
An unbroken park
The green spaces on the eastern and western extremities will be preserved and connected by a continuous corridor that traverses the entire site and has been carefully designed to promote the regeneration of local ecosystems and uninterrupted movement of animals.
The development project is divided into a series of city blocks in accordance with the existing city system and the ideal orientation towards the sun. This strategy will also allow most of the rows and groves of existing trees to be preserved.
The adjacent neighborhoods located on the north side of the site (near Montreal West and Côte Saint-Luc) will have the lowest density. The southern part of the site will have a greater density to take advantage of the services in the village square and in the green spaces.

Social interactions make a big difference to quality of life. Every day, people decide to move to a new home close to their loved ones, their jobs or new neighbors who share their values. Thanks to its wide range of residential choices, the Petite Rivière project will encourage diversity and the integration of people in various stages of life and economic situations into the community. This plan also encourages small business to stimulate a new local green economy that is likely to create new types of jobs and inspire the ideas that will drive the economy of the 21st century. The diversity of people, recreational activities, products, services and jobs associated with a holistic design approach will raise the quality of life for future residents and those in adjacent neighborhoods.

Our project builds upon the goals contained in the City of Montreal’s Master Plan, Chapter 2.7, “A Healthy Environment “ and, more specifically , in Action 17.1, where a commitment is made to support healthier urban development. We are determined to meet and even exceed these forward-looking goals in partnership with the municipal and provincial authorities.

  Proposed masterplan for Petite Rivière


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