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Create a key conservation park in Montreal

Protected green spaces and planned regeneration.

Petite Rivière intends to designate several protected areas within its territory to rebuild the environmental quality of the land. Through careful observation and analysis, biologists, botanists and ecologists have identified these areas as the best for rebuilding biological diversity by reintegrating plants and trees that attract diverse species of insects and animals. Special care will be taken to attract animals and restore biodiversity in protected zones of the park where the human footprint will be almost non-existent.

Existing green borders of the Petite Rivière Project site

The protected areas are expected to include parts of the Little Saint-Pierre River as well as forest restoration zones. Flourishing in Petite Rivière, these ecosystems will reconnect the site to other ecosystems on the Island of Montreal and elsewhere in Southern Quebec. Within these habitats, human-animal interaction will be restricted and observation points will be clearly marked. These and other conservation and protection measures will encourage a wide variety of species to resettle greenspace that has been ecologically challenged for many years.

A park for everyone

The creation of this new public park is one of the key elements of the Petite Rivière project’s plan to revitalize the wider area. Much larger in acreage than the entire new residential neighborhood, this park could become one of area’s greatest attractions. It will encompass bio-diverse protected zones, public bicycle and walking trails, wildflower meadows, fruit orchards, community gardens, sports and leisure facilities as well as a wide variety of educational features that will be of benefit to university researchers and families with young children alike.

The park will be crisscrossed by a network of pathways. Some paths will be designed for everyone to cycle or simply stroll through the regenerating forest. Others will be left in a natural state as they meander alongside the protected zones, and will welcome walkers only (no pets). Most of these trails will also be open for winter activities such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, enabling high-quality community access all year long.

Year-round outdoor activities


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