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A community real estate project for 21st century lifestyles

A thriving, interactive place

Community-building encourages civic-mindedness, pride and a sense of belonging and inspires people to assume responsibility for and stewardship of public spaces. Petite Rivière wants to create a place where public spaces provide people with the opportunity to meet and connect every day. These interactions have been shown to create support networks, improve wellness, and benefit from community action.

The Petite Rivière neighborhood is designed to be a compact, diversified and multifunctional community where residents can obtain most of their daily needs no more than a five-minute walk away. Diversity creates lively communities and spaces that are busy, no matter what the hour.

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A town square will provide spaces that can be set aside for retail businesses, offices or other workplaces, according to need - being flexible and adaptive with uses is a long-term commitment of the project. This principle has been successfully applied in the neighborhoods of Sonoma Mountain Village in California and BedZed in London.

To learn more about the international best practices we have drawn upon, please consult this sample list of leading green communities and the links to their respective websites:


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