2012 is already under way and if being eco friendly for the new year was in your resolution list, we’re here to help you stick true to that promise (unlike those other resolutions!). Whether you’ve been incorporating eco friendly resolutions for some time or you’re a recent convert, our list will help you make resolutions you can stick to!

  • Many areas in Canada charge $0.05 per plastic bag, but shoppers continue to forget their reusable shopping bags and end up leaving the store with plastic bags. Make it your resolution to always carry a reusable bag with you.
  • Shop more consciously: look for local, natural or organic products.
  • Unplug those appliances: it’s easy to forget that when we’re not using appliances and leaving them plugged in, we’re wasting energy. Remember to unplug them every time you’re done using them.
  • Turn off your lights: We’re all guilty of it sometimes: we have a tendency to keep the lights on. Save energy by turning them off when you’re not in the room.
  • Avoid buying products with tons of packaging: Some items are packed in so many layers before being opened. Look for eco-friendly packages and reduce waste.
  • Attempt to cut out meat from your diet for two days and eat vegetarian twice a week!
  • Replace soft drinks, energy drinks and alcohol with fresh juice and healthy smoothies
  • Make your home more energy efficient: Old thermostats which require you to manually turn the heat up or down can sometimes be forgotten on all day and night. Try and install a programmable thermostat to save some energy, or go really energy efficient and install Nest (link to: http://www.nest.com/) the thermostat designed by former Apple designer Tony Fadell.
  • This one’s a given but it’s surprising to know how many people don’t recycle! Stop throwing everything in the garbage – recycle!
  • Read labels on products: There is an abundance of products claiming to be “green” on the market…don’t be fooled by marketing ploys. Make sure to thoroughly read the labels on products and find out all the necessary information about what you’re buying.
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