It’s getting down to the wire now for holiday gifts and some of you I am sure are thinking: “what to get, what to get?” How about something green? We’ve compiled a guide of green gifts (and stocking stuffers) to help you figure it out.

Recycled Bike Tube Night Out Card Care

This card case is handmade from stripped-down bike inner tubes collected from local Seattle bike shops. Perfect for nights when you don’t want to carry around a large wallet.

ReCase iPhone case made from recycled trash

There’s an abundance of cases to protect your iPhone, but what about one that is highly durable and made from 100% recycled trash? ReCase creates the cases by reprocessing rice farming by-products (usually discarded as agricultural waste) and adding post-consumer thermo-plastics to form a new revolutionary group of materials, POLLIBER™.

Earth Grown Crayons Leaves and Acorns

This set of 8 handmade, all natural, paraffin-free and biodegradable crayons and made from soy wax. The Earth Grown Crayons, shaped in designs that celebrate one of earth’s treasures, are safe for young artists because they are tinted only with nontoxic mineral pigments.

Canada envelopes handmade from recycled paper

Bring snail mail back with this set of 11 envelopes made from the pages of a 1962 Atlas. The flaps are similar to commercial envelopes and can be moistened and sealed.

Captain Planet And The Planeteers: Season One

Remember Captain Planet, the most eco friendly superhero with the will to do good with the strength of the Earth itself and five young Planeteers from around the globe fight to protect the planet from those ready to do it harm? Season 1 of the classic cartoon is now on dvd and the bonus is that this package is made of 100% recycled paper.

Cook Book Stand

The foodie on your list always needs kitchen related items and so a cook book stand made from bamboo would made the perfect gift! Crafted from 100% organically grown bamboo, this stand makes it easy to follow recipes and keep the kitchen counter accessible.

Magno Wooden Radio by Singgih Kartono

This award winning retro radio is hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village. It is made from new growth wood and for every tree that is used in production, a new one is planted. MP3 compatible, runs on 4 AA Batteries or external AC adaptor output DCV 6V.

Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon

It wasn’t long ago that everyone had a faux wood grain alarm clock. Jonas Damon’s reinvents the alarm clock using sustainably harvested new growth beech wood which is iPhone and iPod compatible (and it charges it too!).

Lasercut Bicycle Basket

A durable and stylish bicycle basket that’s perfect for carrying backpacks, shopping bags, purses and other items. The colourful basket is laser-cut out of sturdy, powder-coated steel and of steel alloy, which contains up to 40% recycled content and which can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Spartan Carton Reusable Six-Pack Carrier

Now here’s one sustainable gift that will last you a really, really long time! A leather six-pack carriers allows you to carry your brews anywhere in any kind of weather.

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