Photo credit: L’OEUF in collaboration with BNIM

Urban design is all about functionality of public space within cities and neighbourhoods. Petite Rivière is a community based on six urban design principles that, if implemented using a holistic, interconnected approach, guarantee the community will flourish.

Walkability: a pleasant experience for pedestrians
A neighborhood feels like home when everything from shops and basic services are within walking distance. Carefully planned public spaces and urban landscapes will allow pedestrians to genuinely enjoy a wide range of sighs, sounds and activities while walking on pathways, sidewalks and in many other public spaces that are all interconnected.

Mixed use: a safe, diverse and lively neighborhood
Petite Rivière will be a mixed-use neighborhood where residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and office buildings are surrounded by gardens, playgrounds, parks, town squares and streets creating a safer and more secure neighborhood where a larger number of people gather and move through it at times when streets in other neighborhoods are deserted.

Connectivity: instead of traffic, a network of possibilities
An efficient and convenient community is one that is accessible for pedestrians and vehicles. Instead of single lanes of traffic, Petite Rivière offers a network of possibilities whether by foot, by bike, car, or public transportation.

Density: work, shop, and play close to home
Density reduces distances, increases the efficiency of the public infrastructure, facilitates the community’s access to services and each other and enhances the safety and friendliness of public spaces, as well as the varied and stimulating character of the urban experience. Petite Rivière sees density as a desirable design element, one that isn’t all about tall towers but that intelligently integrates residences of various types, sizes and prices and offers the possibility of affordable housing for the citizens of Montreal.

Regeneration: a breath of fresh air for nature on the site
Enriching the soil, preserving water sources, conserving and strengthening the landscape and increasing ecological diversity are all steps Petite Rivière wants to take in order to regenerate the natural environment and create sustainable lifestyles and communities on the economic, environmental and social levels.

Community: nurturing a sense of belonging
Petite Rivière wants to create a place where public spaces provide people with the opportunity to meet and connect every day encouraging civic-mindedness, pride, and a sense of belonging, in turn inspiring people to assume responsibility for and stewardship of public spaces, community actions and creating support networks.

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