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An article of Meadowbrook future talks about Petite Rivière project. Open File Montreal brings forward the project; the author emphasizes the importance of this environmentally responsible concept!


According to architect Bob Berkebile, the Petite Rivière project is a rare opportunity where developers are committed to respecting the environment and engaging with the community. It builds on the success of the Sonoma Mountain Village site in the United States.


Yesterday, Convercité hosted its public discussion forum on the Petite Rivière project. The forum was designed to provide place where people could express their opinion both for and against this project and it was set as a series of presentations, workshops …


Marie-Claude Lortie from La Presse, published an interesting article yesterday entitled “Le progrès a-t-il une ville?” In short, she describes the widespread weariness that Montrealers have towards real estate development. In contrast, we think that new developments should be breath …


Urban design is all about functionality of public space within cities and neighbourhoods. Petite Rivière is a community based on six urban design principles that, if implemented using a holistic, interconnected approach, guarantee the community will flourish.